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About Megh Mani

Goenka Inc and Mani Group has announced their first project together named as MeghMani at EM Bypass,Kolkata. Goenka Inc with the help Mani Group has ventured into the real estate business, MeghMani being the first. Mani Group has been in the business of real estate over three decades and has been one of the market leaders in the Eastern region of India. Kolkata is creating quite a buzz due to a huge demand for residential units and homes. MeghMani is located in one of the emerging location in the Western region of Kolkata where you can find apartments of world class quality. This residential oasis is surrounded by useful and essential services for an easy living without any trouble. It is easily accessible through a number of transportation services.

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Property Highlights


Entrance Driveway

Home is a place you always go back to. When you hit the driveway a warm feeling descends on you knowing that someone is waiting to welcome you.


Ground Floor Lobby

A well-appointed glitzy lobby awaits your arrival at Megh Mani. The concierge is there to assist you with whatever you need.


Living Room

Wish To Entertain your guests or share a cozy evening with your family? Do it in quite ambience of your well-designed and luxurious living room.



Your personal space.Where you spend most of your time at home. Designed for quiet Comfort where intimacy is sublime and sleep is unperturbed.



Your Home is a haven of cleanliness and hygiene and the kitchen is designed on the time-tested principles of
Light & Air.


This is your Sanctum Sanctorum. Your citadel of tranquility where Personal Grooming Chores transform into moments of Relaxation.



CCTV Security


Indoor Facilities


Banquet Hall


Club Theatres


Health Spa


Kid’s Play Room




Club Theatres

Home is where the community begins

Share the moments of joy with friends, work out or simply luxurate.

1.Banquet Hall

You’ve been planning to throw this amazing party. Well, you do not have to sweat over the venue.

2.Club Theatre

All you have to do is visit Club Virga & immerse yourself in a Hollywood or Bollywood Block-Buster.

3.Multi-Purpose Games Court

Outdoor games are a great way to burn-out all that lingering fat. Workout on the court in organized matches with your neighbours.

4.Card Room

Invite your buddies for an evening of fun and camaraderie. Get your adrenaline flowing and Perk Up your Weekends.

5.Kid’s Play Room

Your toddler needs to spend quality time learning co-ordination skills.

6.Health Spa

Pickup your intercom and book an appointment at Club Virga for a Spa.

& Many More…

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