About GGE

We at Goenka Global Education believe in nurturing children to become Global Citizens, such that they identify being an integral part of the emerging world community and also share values, responsibilities, empathy and respect for differences and diversity.
Goenka Global Education is an enterprise which is committed to offering holistic & transformative education through innovation and experiential learning environments. With more than fifteen years of experience in education, Goenka Global Education believes in the use of disruptive technologies* to raise the standard of education.

Students are nurtured and trained in different aspects of learning to face the challenges of the real world. Education curriculum is centred around empowering students with the right kind of thinking, abilities and skill sets which ensures that they are successful to compete in a fiercely competitive global environment.To achieve this vision, Goenka Global Education has partnered with like-minded institutions to leverage on the combined strengths and expertise of all partners. We ensure that children get the right kind of stimulating environment from their early years, helping them to work on their strengths and move towards a career that they love.

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